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Everyone has an interesting story to share! To share your story with the world is a brilliant idea. Do you reckon you have something to share others would be interested in reading? If you do then write your story made up of 5000 to 7500 words and send it to us for a chance to be published in the book ‘A British Story’.

We encourage you to write your day in the life story to inspire someone, somewhere around the globe.

Writing Tips

When writing your story there are a few things you should keep in mind to help you be successful.


You should know and understand who your audience is. Ask yourself what are they interested in? What are the most important details you need to give to them to help them understand your story and perceive it the way you want?

Try and connect with your audience and make them feel like they know you personally. You can do this by reflecting on events that have built you up to be who you are and where you are today. For example mentioning yourself through different stages of your life, such as childhood, will be great for comparing your childhood self to your present one. Your reader will be able to realize the changes you’ve undergone and how you’ve come to be yourself.

Using humor is also a great way to engage your reader and makes reading your story enjoyable.


It’s important that you include every small detail, even if it doesn’t seem relevant to you. You will want to avoid letting your readers search for details from other sources.

Enhance your story’s detail so you can keep it interesting. Include details that tell the reader more about you, for example the best gift you’ve ever got. This will be sure to make the reader feel like you’re sharing details with them like you would a friend. These details will set you apart from others and make you unique and maybe even relateable.

Words and Phrases

Use simple words and phrases so your story is easy for everyone to read. Think from the readers point of view. Try and stay away from using words and phrases that are not understandable for everyone, for example a phrase that is only commonly said in your city.


And lastly, be honest! You should always be honest because you definitely don’t want to risk being caught out lying, this will instantly put your readers off and lose interest.

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Don’t Forget

Once you’ve written everything you think you want to write it’s essential you start from the beginning and proof read. You’d be surprised at how much you will edit and improve.

Make sure the dates, times and people involved are accurate. Inaccuracy will make you seem like you don’t pay attention to detail  and don’t check up on facts. This could make you appear untrustworthy and unorganized.

Analyze what you’ve written from a third person point of view and think as though you’re learning about your story for the first time. Doing this will allow you to make sure you’ve included everything you need to.


There are 9 categories for you to submit your story under, these are:

Under 16’s.
16-18 years old.
Overcoming a monster.

– This is a classic underdog story that tells about you battling something or someone.


– This is a story about bettering yourself.


– A story about a mission and how you achieved a goal.

Journey & Return.

– A story about embarking on an adventure to then return, improved.

Rags To Riches.

– A story about starting from nothing and gaining success.


– About a shocking event that took place.


– Complete opposite to tragedy, usually a lighthearted, happy story.

Writing A Synopsis

When submitting your story you will also need to submit a synopsis of around 500-700 words. This is to help your voters understand what category your story comes under and determine what they can expect to read.

Learn about writing a synopsis here.

Want to get involved?

A British Story is a community project who is activaly seeking kind people to donate either their time or money.  Our project will only succeed due to the genorosity of people like you.

Donate Your Time

If you have a few spare hours a week please read our donate your time page to see how you can help.

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Donations are welcome via our just giving page. Read our donate money page for further details,

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About Our Project

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How It Works

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The Voting Process

The concept of this project is to recruit volunteers to write a story about a day in their life.

After the closing date of 31st October 2017 a summary of the best short stories will be available on our website for you to vote for your favorites. The 20 with the most votes will be put forward for inclusion in the published book – A British Story.

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Not a writer, but want to get involved?

We seek talented people like you to help in the “A British Story” film project.

We need devoted volunteers for this project to succeed. If you work for a company, charity, organisation or are an individual, they/you will be included in the book credits when over 75 hours of your time is donated. If you think you can help us out, please sign up and we will contact you as soon as possible.
We need a pool of talented volunteers for this fundraising project who will be able to work from their own location. When you sign up for the volunteer category, please indicate what special talent you have. Your assistance is invaluable in our efforts to support our project.

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Read Some of our Latest Submitted Stories

simon macbeth roundhay in prison

Laura – Written By Simon Macbeth

This time Laura knew I, Simon Macbeth Roundhay was calling the police, probably because I told her. So I was talking to the police on my mobile and she was calling them too on the landline. She dialled 999, started crying and told the police that I’d raped her. She told the police that she’d locked me in her house to keep me there until the police arrived. I was still on my phone giving line by line commentary on what Laura was saying and doing. About five minutes later the police were at the house and they arrested me.